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The results from a 7.5-year experiment are in: Unicode and OpenType are successes!

和文 中文
Dr. Ken Lunde
Approximately 7.5 years ago — at the end of 2002 — I commissioned the suite of Unicode CMap resources for Adobe-Japan1-x (it was Adobe-Japan1-5 at that time, and Adobe-Japan1-6 was finalized less than two years later), specifically for UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32.
When I built these new Unicode CMap resources, one of the reasons was to add support for JIS X 0213:2000, which includes over 4,000 additional characters. I also considered adding the appropriate character code to CID mappings to the existing Shift-JIS and EUC-JP CMap resources, but chose not to do so, because I felt that Unicode had matured to the point that supporting these legacy encodings was not required. I still built the necessary tab-delimited tables so that I could easily and quickly add these mappings in case we received any requests to do, or if doing so became a product requirement.

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