Four Simplified Chinese Fonts bundled with CS4

Many of you might have seen Adobe Heiti Std and Adobe Song Std in CS3, a good news is that two additional simplified Chinese fonts bundled with CS4, they are Adobe Kaiti Std and Adobe FangSong Std. All four fonts are OpenType (PostScript flavor) format, and are based on GB18030-2000 character set standard.

您也许在CS3中使用过Adobe 黑体和Adobe 宋体,而现在CS4又在原来的基础上新增加了两款中文简体字库,这两款字库是Adobe 楷体和Adobe 仿宋。 Adobe 宋、黑、仿、楷这四款正文字库均采用OpenType 字库格式,其字形轮廓使用Postscript描述。它们符合GB18030-2000 字符集标准,包含27,533个汉字,1220个彝文符号及其它字符。
目前,这些字库支持的OpenType 排版特性有 全角、半角、变宽、传统格式等,其中传统格式是一个非常有用的特性,该特性将字库中的简体字和其相应的繁体字进行了有效的关联。在InDesign 中可以很简单地用这些字库进行字形的简繁转换,即简体字形用相应的繁体字形进行替换。请注意,这里的替换只是字形的替换,并不会转换该字的实际内码。
1, 启动ID并新建一个文档。
2, 新建文本框,选用 Adobe 仿宋 输入以下文字。
3, 选择菜单 文字 > 字形 调出字形调板。
4, 选中文本框内的所有文字,在字形调板菜单中选中 “传统格式” 。
5, 这时可以看到红色标注的字被相应的繁体字形替换,没有繁体字形的字依然保持不变。

5 Responses to Four Simplified Chinese Fonts bundled with CS4

  1. Brian says:

    I’m not sure if this is the correct place for this question / comment, but we have been using Adobe Song and Adobe Heiti in our Simplified Chinese print outputs. We chose these two fonts because we were told that they have some stylistic similarities to their corresponding fonts we are using in the western language outputs (… and because they were one of the only OpenType fonts available).
    For example:
    We use Univers as our San Serif font. We were told that Adobe Song is similar to a San Serif.
    We use Times New Roman as our Serif font. We were told that Adobe Heiti is similar to a Serif.
    I would greatly appreciate it if this community could verify that our direction of San Serif = “Song” and Serif = “Heiti” is correct. I am a bit concerned that we have this confused.
    Thank you!

  2. Ken Lunde says:

    Your understanding of the correlation between Song/Heiti and Western typeface designs is reversed. Song corresponds to Serif, and Heiti corresponds to Sans Serif.

  3. Hua Gu says:

    Please view image, I hope that this image can help you understand Ken’s comment further 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    Thank you for setting me straight! We will implement these adjustments right away.
    BTW… I really appreciate this blog. I deal with typography issues for the majority of languages around the globe. This seems to be one of the best places for CJK I have found. I would appreciate it if anyone would like to recommend any other sites that may also be a good resource for CJK issues.

  5. Ken Lunde says:

    You might find my latest book helpful for CJK-related issues. See:
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