Announcing the “CMap Resources” open source project

Thanks to requests from numerous open source developers over the years, along with Adobe’s own “Open Source Initiative,” all of Adobe’s CMap resources are now available under an open source license. See:

The “CMap Resources” open source project includes all CMap resources for all character collections, which are also referred to ROSes (which is an abbreviation for the three elements of the /CIDSystemInfo dictionary, the first two of which are used to establish compatibility between CMap and CIDFont resources: /Registry, /Ordering, and / Supplement). As of right now, the CMap resources for Adobe-CNS1-6 (released on 09/24/2009 to add support for Hong Kong SCS-2008 by including 68 new glyphs), Adobe-GB1-5, Adobe-Identity-0, Adobe- Japan1-6, Adobe-Japan2-0 (deprecated), and Adobe-Korea1-2 are included.
If you use CMap resources for your work, whether it is open source or not, the “CMap Resources” open source project is now the official home for all of Adobe’s CMap resources.

— Ken Lunde

感谢这么多年来众多开发者的提议和Adobe自己的开源倡议,现在所有的Adobe CMap资源都已获得开源的授权,请访问
“CMap资源”开源项目包含所有字符集的CMap资源,关于字符集的信息请参考Cmap资源中的ROSes(ROS是/CIDSystemInfo字典中三个字段的缩写,它们分别是/Registry, /Ordering和 /Supplement,前两个字段被用来建立CMap和CIDFont之间的兼容性),到目前为止,CMap资源包含Adobe-CNS1-6(发布于09/24/2009,增加了68个新字形,以支持Hong Kong SCS-2008)、Adobe-GB1-5、Adobe-Identity-0、Adobe-Japan1-6、 Adobe-Japan2-0 (可忽略) 和 Adobe-Korea1-2。
如果您工作中用到”CMap资源文件”,无论它是否是开源的,现在”CMap资源”开源项目已成为所有Adobe CMap资源的官方发布地。

— Ken Lunde

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