Not One, But Three, IVD Code Charts

Thanks to an excellent suggestion from Taichi Kawabata (川幡太一), the 2012-03-02 version of the IVD (Ideographic Variation Database) includes three IVD Code Charts, which were released today. The two earlier versions of the IVD—2007-12-14 and 2010-11-14—included only one IVD Code Chart, named IVD_Charts.pdf.

One of the three IVD Code Charts is still named IVD_Charts.pdf, and represents the entire IVD for that particular version. The other ones, whose filenames include the name of each registered IVD collection, represent a subset of the IVD that is based on each registered IVD collection. For the 2012-03-02 version of the IVD, the two additional IVD Code Charts are thus named IVD_Charts_Adobe-Japan1.pdf and IVD_Charts_Hanyo-Denshi.pdf, for the Adobe-Japan1 and Hanyo-Denshi IVD Collections, respectively.

The IVD_Stats.txt datafile was also updated today, for all three versions of the IVD, and now reports additional statistics.

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