Tokyo AFDKO Workshop (AM Session)

To those who were able to attend the Tokyo AFDKO Workshop that was held at Morisawa‘s Tokyo office on June 25th, thank you for your participation (and for enduring my poor Japanese speaking abilities)! I hope that you learned new ways in which particular AFDKO tools can be used to make your CID-keyed font production work (or workflow) more effective and less time-consuming.

For those who attended, and for those who could not attend, the presentation and other materials for my portion of the workshop are now available for download. Note that some of the functionality that was demonstrated requires newer versions of particular AFDKO tools.

Lastly, I’d like to extend our thanks to our friends at Morisawa for graciously offering to host this workshop in their Tokyo office.

Below is a photo of me struggling with Japanese (photo courtesy of Taro Yamamoto of Adobe):

Note: A special version of AFDKO was supplied to those who attended this workshop. The official release of a new version of AFDKO will happen later this year.

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