Combining 3 Tools Into 1:

For those who make use of the,, or tools, all of which are AFDKO tx tool filters and are included in AFDKO, and whose purpose is to list the glyphs in the specified font resource, I’d like to introduce a new tool, named, which combines their functionality, thus making font development simpler.

The following types of fonts can specified:

  • A CIDFont resource
  • A name-keyed Type 1 font (aka PFA)
  • An ‘sfnt’ (TrueType or OpenType) font

By default, the glyphs in the specified font are listed as CIDs or glyph names, depending on whether the font is CID- or name-keyed. This is automatically detected. CIDs are always prefixed with a slash (“/”) character.

There are four command-line options that can be specified:

  • -h (or -u): Display the tool’s usage
  • -g: List glyphs as GIDs in lieu of CIDs or glyph names
  • -r: List CIDs and GIDs as ranges
  • -s: Output lists or ranges on a single line with a comma separator (so that it can be repurposed through Copy&Paste)

The main benefit of the “-s” option is so that the output can be repurposed, such as the argument of the “-g” option that is supported by many AFDKO tools.

Below are the results of executing this tool against one of the CID-keyed fonts that was produced during the Manipulating CID-Keyed Fonts Using AFDKO Tools workshop that took place at ATypI Hong Kong 2012 earlier this month:

% -r

Anyway, if you use those three tools, I encourage you to try this new version that replaces them. The next version of AFDKO will include this new tool, and will remove the three tools that it replaces.


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