PRI 259

As the IVD Registrar, I am very pleased to announce PRI 259 (Public Review Issue #259), which is the combined registration of the new Moji_Joho IVD Collection and sequences for that IVD collection. According to procedures set forth in UTS #37 (Unicode Technical Standard #37, Unicode Ideographic Variation Database), the 90-day public review, which commences today, allows interested parties to submit comments, suggestions, and errors to the registrant via Unicode’s reporting form.

The text of PRI 259, which was supplied by the registrant but edited by me, states that the Moji_Joho IVD Collection, once registered, will become the first IVD collection to share IVSes with a registered IVD collection, specifically the Hanyo-Denshi IVD Collection, which currently includes 13,045 registered IVSes.

The current submission includes 10,720 proposed sequences, 9,687 of which are to be shared with the Hanyo-Denshi IVD Collection, and the remaining 1,033 sequences are intended to be specific to the Moji_Joho IVD Collection. The supplied IVD_Sequences_MJ20131129.txt file thus includes the corresponding Hanyo-Denshi IVS when it is to be shared with a proposed Moji_Joho sequence identifier that specifies the same IVS.

For those who are reviewing, I would like to use this article as an opportunity to draw attention to the following glyph pairs, which appear to be duplicates, but which are intentional per the registrant, because their indexing radicals are different:


Given that this PRI closes in a mere 90 days, on March 10, 2014, those who are interested in reviewing this submission should do so sooner rather than later. I would also like to state that comments and errors posted elsewhere, such as in a blog article or on social media, area easily overlooked by the registrant, and as stated in the PRI itself—and in this article—Unicode’s reporting form is the preferred way in which to notify the registrant of issues in this submission.

Finally, for those who wish to stay current on IVD-related issues, please consider following @IVD_Registrar on Twitter.

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