Source Han Slate

In the spirit of team-building and developing new skills, my manager, David Lemon, invited Chris Stinehour of Christopher Stinehour Design to give the Adobe Type Team a two-day workshop on letter cutting in stone. The workshop took place on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. The result of my efforts, which most definitely involved learning a new skill, is shown below:

I call this Source Han Slate, and it is a 288-point letter cutting of Source Han Sans Medium 劍󠄁 (CID+62015; Adobe-Japan1-6 CID+14106; Adobe-Japan1 IVS <528D,E0101>), which is a variant form of 劍 (U+528D), onto a slab of green slate. I have only 65,534 glyphs left to letter cut. ☺

Here’s a photo of me putting the finishing touches on this masterpiece (photo by Miguel Sousa):

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