GitHub Migration

I started the process of migrating to GitHub the font-related open source projects that I maintain, and recently finished. In some cases, the projects were split between SourceForge and GitHub, with the installable font resources (and sources) on the former, and only the sources on the latter. Some projects were available only on SourceForge.

There are a couple of motivations for this migration. First, GitHub provides a great user experience for posting, tracking, and responding to “Issues” for a project. In fact, I made good use of the mobile app for Android while vacationing in Wisconsin late last July. Second, we prefer the control that GitHub offers in terms of updating projects. I use the GitHub command-line tools, along with the SourceTree app for OS X, when initiating or updating projects on GitHub.

The first project to completely migrate over to GitHub was Source Han Sans, which was done in mid-September of last year as part of the Version 1.001 update. Due to the large number of source files and installable font resources, the sources are available only in the master branch, and the installable font resources are available only in the release branch. The project on SourceForge was decommissioned on 2015-01-01, meaning that all of the files were removed except for the landing page that provides a link to the project on GitHub.

The table below lists all of the open source projects that I maintain which are being completely migrated over to GitHub, with links to both repositories, and their SourceForge decommissioning dates:

GitHub Project SourceForge Project Decommissioning Date
adobe-blank Adobe Blank OpenType Font Completed on 2015-06-18
agl-aglfn AGL & AGLFN Completed on 2016-01-01
agl-specification AGL Specification Completed on 2016-01-01
cmap-resources CMap Resources Completed on 2015-06-18
css-orientation-test CSS Orientation Test OpenType Fonts Completed on 2015-06-18
kenten-generic Kenten Generic OpenType Font Completed on 2015-06-18
mapping-resources-pdf Mapping Resource for PDF Completed on 2015-06-18
source-han-sans (release branch) Source Han Sans Completed on 2015-01-01

The other three “Source” families—Source Code Pro, Source Sans Pro, and Source Serif Pro—are maintained by others on the Adobe Type team, and were migrated late last year.

Also note that newer open source projects, such as adobe-blank-2, perl-scripts, and tombo-sp, are available only on GitHub.

Photo by Andrew Kelley Photography. Used by permission. Click on the photo to view the original image.

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