Source Han Sans Version 1.004 Update

Due to an inadvertent error on my part, the glyphs for the vertical-only kana were incorrect in Source Han Sans Version 1.002 (and, by extension, in Version 1.003 because there were no glyph changes). Many thanks to the person who identified and reported this issue, and I’d like to convey my sincere apologies to those who were affected by it.

For those who were not aware, Version 1.001 introduced changes that improved the design and readability of the kana, and the vertical versions of these kana glyphs were reverted to their Version 1.000 forms in the Version 1.002 update. The affected CIDs are 65166–65251, 65256–65258, 65260–65352, 65354–65369, and 65471–65484 (212 glyphs in total). Below are the characters and sequences that map to these 212 glyphs:


The vertical forms of the following ten kana, which were added in Version 1.002 (CIDs 65496–65505), were not affected:


As the image at the top suggests, I spent the better part of the weekend turning the proverbial crank to produce the Source Han Sans Version 1.004 fonts, which are now available on GitHub, and which are also available on Typekit. Kana is important for Japanese, making up about 70 percent of the characters in typical documents, so this was considered a critical fix, hence the (less than) one-week period between Versions 1.003 and 1.004. The relatively new AFDKO copyCFFCharstrings script was once again very useful in trimming a week off of the building process.

The Google-branded Noto Sans CJK fonts were also updated accordingly.

Lastly, the landing page of the release branch of the Source Han Sans project was updated to provide convenient download links for the various ZIP files that are included.

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