IUC39 Presentation

IUC39 (The 39th Internationalization & Unicode Conference) took place in Santa Clara earlier this week, and Adobe was once again proud to be a Gold Sponsor. It was another outstanding and successful conference, and as usual, one of the greatest benefits of the conference—besides the many excellent presentations—was the opportunity for face-to-face exchanges with Unicode leaders, experts, and enthusiasts.

Another benefit of attending these conferences is to acquire the limited-edition T-shirt, and the back of the IUC39 one is shown below, being modeled by Markus Scherer, Unicode Technical Director (the image featured on the back of the T-shirt is a Unicode Version 9.0 emoji candidate called FACE PALM with tentative code point U+1F926):

A good way to explore the highlights of the conference is via the #IUC39 hashtag.

Anyway, for those who were unable to attend the conference, the slides for my presentation, Pan-CJK Font Development Techniques, Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls, are available.

P.S. The image shown at the top of this brief article was used in a tweet whose screenshot was included on page 67 of my presentation.


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