25 Years of Unicode

The Unicode Consortium celebrated its 25th anniversary in January of this year. The photo above is the celebratory (U+1F955 CARROT; a Unicode Version 9.0 candidate) cake that was enjoyed during the UTC (Unicode Technical Committee) #146 meeting that was hosted by IBM in San José from January 25th through 28th, 2016.

For UTC #147, which is being hosted by Adobe this week again in San José, and which is the UTC meeting that takes place right before the release of Unicode Version 9.0, I decided to continue celebrating this important milestone by preparing another cake, whose design is shown below:

I ordered the cake from C’est Si Bon Bakery in San José, who did a great job screening the edible image onto it, and the L2 Chair, Craig Cummings, supplied the obligatory bottles of 🍾:

The following are the non-ASCII characters that were used on the cake: ㉕ (U+3255) and 丫㠪凡尺丂 (U+4E2B U+382A U+51E1 U+5C3A U+4E02). The latter string was generated using Dr. Richard Cook’s ABC2CJK Translation Service, and represents the word YEARS.

Of course, Unicode President and co-founder, Mark Davis, was present at this week’s UTC meeting, and Lee Collins happened to attend on the day that we enjoyed the cake:

In closing, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the hosts for UTC #148 and #149 later this year, Microsoft and Apple, respectively, continue this celebratory spirit. 🍾


2 Responses to 25 Years of Unicode

  1. Brendan Murray says:

    Congratulations to all from a past participant in those meeting. Enjoy the cake and bubbly!

  2. Yona chen says:

    Congrat! Very nice cake!