Year of the Rooster

It is now January 28, 2017 in China and other Chinese-speaking regions.

I’d like to use this opportunity to welcome the Year of the Rooster, and to wish a Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese friends, colleagues, and blog readers. May this year be safe, prosperous, and enjoyable.

The Traditional Chinese form of rooster is (U+96DE), though it can also be written using (U+9DC4), and the Simplified Chinese form is (U+9E21). The Year of the Rooster itself is represented using the ideograph (U+9149), which is also Radical #164 ( U+2FA3).

In related news, UTC #150 took place this week, and three new Chinese-related characters, FIRECRACKER (L2/17-025), MOONCAKE (L2/17-024), and RED ENVELOPE (L2/17-023), will soon be added to the emoji candidates page.


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