Three Multiple-Family Super OTCs

To take the previous article further—and because I tend to have an urge to stress-test environments—I added two more Super OTCs to the Source Han Super OTC open source project this morning.

First, I added a Noto CJK Super OTC that combines the Noto Sans CJK and Noto Serif CJK OTFs into a single 64-font OpenType/CFF Collection.

Next, I created a Super OTC that combines all of the OTFs from the five typeface families, Source Han Sans, Source Han Serif, Source Han Code JP (Japanese-only), Noto Sans CJK, and Noto Serif CJK. The total number of fonts is a mind-blowing 142! (Note that I forced the 'cmap' tables of the Noto Serif CJK fonts to be shared with those of Source Han Serif; the former fonts lack mappings for U+2252 ≒ APPROXIMATELY EQUAL TO OR THE IMAGE OF and U+25C8 ◈ WHITE DIAMOND CONTAINING BLACK SMALL DIAMOND.)

What is particularly interesting about the 142-font Source Han + Noto CJK Super OTC is that its file size is a mere 219,392 bytes larger than the 78-font Source Han one. This is because almost all of the 'sfnt' tables of the Noto CJK fonts are shared with Source Han ones.

As with the previous article, for those who use the Source Han or Noto CJK fonts and have updated to Windows 10 Creators Update, please add a comment as to whether the Super OTCs, in particular the one with 142 fonts, installs and functions in that environment.

Once again, enjoy!


18 Responses to Three Multiple-Family Super OTCs

  1. LoL. You tempter you! 😀

    Mind you, given that the Noto CJKs and Source Han fonts are supposed to be identical, I’m not sure why anyone would want to install all of them…. 😀 (I have noticed one difference, though: the some OT features and a few glyphs [notably, U+8AAA 說] seem to be missing from Noto Sans CJK.)

    • I am not sure why U+8AAA 說 would not be showing up, or the lack of some OpenTytpe features, but the glyph data (in the 'CFF ' table) and the 'GSUB' and 'cmap' tables of Noto Sans CJK are binary-identical to the equivalent Source Han Sans ones. There might be some amount of driver error on your part. If they weren’t, the file size difference between SourceHan.ttc and SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc would be much greater than a mere 200K.

  2. Charlie says:

    Strangely on my German Windows 10 Creators Update machine I’ve only been able to install NotoCJK.ttc. I had no problem unzipping SourceHan.ttc and SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc as well, but when I tried to install them I got an error message that translates to “doesn’t seem to be a valid font file.”

    • Interesting. Did you check the file sizes and MD5 hashes of the unzipped versions of SourceHan.ttc and SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc to confirm that they unzipped correctly? Also, the names of the 64 fonts in NotoCJK.ttc are identical with 64 of the 142 fonts in SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc, so you don’t want to install them at the same time. The same is true of SourceHan.ttc and SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc.

      • Charlie says:

        1. MD5 hashes seem to coincide, at least the first and last four digits.
        2. The thumbnail of NotoCJK.ttc is a preview of the characters “Abc” whereas the thumbnails of the other two TTCs only show a generic font file symbol.
        3. On clicking SourceHan.ttc and SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc Windows’ built-in font preview app works perfectly and allows me to brouse though all the fonts.
        4. I have none of the Source Han fonts installed.

        • That’s very odd, and the first report that one or more of these Super OTCs will not install. You have the official release version of Windows 10 Creators Update, meaning Version 1703, right? I can’t imagine how the German version would impose some sort of limit that would prevent the larger of the three Super OTCs from being installed. Hopefully others will chime in with their experience.

          • Charlie says:

            Yes, Windows 10 Home, version 1703, build 15063.138.

          • Charlie says:

            P.S.: I have upgraded to build 15063.250 and I still get the same error messages.

          • Other than the number of fonts, NotoCJK.ttc (64 fonts) differs from SourceHan.ttc (78 fonts) and SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc (142 fonts) in that it lacks an 'SVG ' table. I just added versions of SourceHan.ttc and SourceHanNotoCJK.ttc that lack an 'SVG ' table. Please try to install them.

          • Charlie says:

            Nothing has changed, I still get the same error message though the checksums are okay.

          • Thanks. I guess that rules out the presence of the 'SVG ' table as the culprit on some installations.

  3. c933103 says:

    Would it be possible for such a SuperOTC to include all the other Noto/Source fonts for other languages? There’re someone wanting a single file installation for all those different fonts in . Although the original question was not Super OTC….

    • Note that a single ttf for all languages is different than combining all of the Noto fonts into a font collection. The former means including all of the glyphs into a single 'glyf' or 'CFF ' table, and a single font name would appear in the font menus of applications. The latter is simply a packaging mechanism, and all of the fonts will still be treated separately by applications, in terms of what is presented to the user via their font menus. Also, very few of the fonts would share tables, except for the Noto CJK ones.

  4. ChaoShell says:

    Working on Ubuntu 17.04.

  5. Leroy Vargas says:

    What is the obsession with Tolkienian rings?

  6. HJ says:

    Could you create the single Super OTC that combines Source Sans Pro, Code Pro, and Serif Pro?

    • Of course, and if you were to use the AFDKO otf2otc script, you could do it yourself. Other than packaging, I see very little benefit to doing so. Also, I am not the developer of those typeface families, so it is not up to me to decide about such things. What is more compelling, however, is a Variable Font Collection that includes all three families.