Three Down, One To Go…

Earlier this month, I decided to move the Adobe-Japan1-6 character collection specification to the Adobe Type Tools organization on GitHub, which was partly motivated by constantly-changing URLs on our Font Technical Notes page. Another motivation was to make the specification itself easier to maintain. At some point, I will be adding a more complete list of Supplement 7 (aka Adobe-Japan1-7) candidates to its wiki.

To this end, I decided to do the same for the Adobe-CNS1-7 and Adobe-GB1-5 character collection specifications while on vacation in South Dakota. For the former, I also used the opportunity to update the specification to include Supplement 7 (aka Adobe-CNS1-7), by adding its representative glyphs and other details.

So, that’s three down, and one to go.

In lieu of doing the same for the Adobe-Korea1-2 character collection specification, which hasn’t been updated in almost 20 years, I decided to wait until the Adobe-KR-6 character collection has been finalized to do so. The Adobe-Korea1-2 character collection specification (aka Adobe Tech Note #5093) will then be added to the project as a historical document. The Adobe-Japan2-0 character collection specification (aka Adobe Tech Note #5097) was added to the Adobe-Japan1 project for the same historical purpose.


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