Exploring IICore—Part 5

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of this series scrutinized the ideographs that are associated with each of the seven region tags of the kIICore property. In this fifth and final article of this series, I will provide some details about the earlier versions of IICore, and what changed between them.

Version 1.1

IICore Version 1.1 was made available as IRG N1025 during IRG #21, which took place in November of 2003 in Guilin (桂林 Guìlín), China (PRC). It included 11,039 ideographs. 7,772 were Category A, 1,077 were Category B, and 2,190 were Category C.

Version 2.1

IICore Version 2.1 was made available as IRG N1052 during IRG #22, which took place in May of 2004 in Chengdu (成都 Chéngdū), China (PRC). It included 9,811 ideographs. 7,772 were Category A, 417 were Category B, and 1,622 were Category C. Compared to Version 1.1, 1,231 ideographs were removed (1,122 mapped to the URO, 100 mapped to Extension A, and the remaining nine mapped to Extension B), but the three ideographs shown in the table below were added:

Ideograph kIICore Source References
U+4C85 CT G3-7831, H-8759, KP1-8D7B, K3-3660, T4-697B
U+5399 CM G1-5847, HB2-CDF8, J1-3449, KP1-38DD, K2-2579, T2-293A, V2-8A5E
U+8622 CM G1-5C57, HB2-F4B8, J0-6944, KP1-705E, K1-5F25, T2-6964, V0-426B

Version 2.2

IICore Version 2.2, which is the current version, is available as IRG N1067 on the IRG website, and its mapping files are also available in the IRG #23 document register. It is also a normative property of the Unihan Database. It includes 9,810 ideographs. 7,772 are Category A, 417 are Category B, and 1,621 are Category C. Compared to Version 2.1, only the following Category C ideograph was removed:

Ideograph kIICore Source References
U+6C3D CH G0-595B, H-8ADB, KP1-5077, K2-3F48, V2-8D45

Its variant form, U+5C3F 尿, is included in IICore as a Category A ideograph with the following tags: GTJHKMP.

Special Note: The links that are associated with the three IRG documents for the three versions of IICore—IRG N1025, IRG N1052 & IRG N1067—are single PDFs that I prepared for convenience, and which also include the machine-readable mapping files as PDF attachments. What is provided on the IRG website are multiple files that need to be individually downloaded.


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