IICore 2020 🤔

Page 697 of the Unicode Version 11.0 Core Specification includes an IICore subsection that states the following about its 9,810 ideographs: This coverage is of particular use on devices such as cell phones or PDAs, which have relatively stringent resource limitations. Various iterations of L2/18-066 attempted to tweak the existing IICore set based on my recent five-part analysis. I was even given a UTC #156 Action Item to update L2/18-066 once again.

However, after realizing that the “resource limitations” from about 15 years ago, which was when the current IICore set was established, no longer apply to today’s devices, I opted to propose a completely new version of IICore that would be tagged with its year of vintage, 2020, which is also the year in which the earliest version of Unicode that includes it would be released. While I intend to reveal more details later, what I plan to propose will include a little over 20K ideographs, and will be discussed during UTC #157 and IRG #51 later this year.

Edited To Add: The proposal was posted to the UTC document register on 2018-09-04 as L2/18-279, and is also available in the IRG #51 document register as IRG N2334. If anyone has any formal feedback for the UTC to consider during UTC #157, please use Unicode’s Contact Form.


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