Adobe-Japan1-6 vs Source Han

Prompted by recent activity on Twitter, I assembled a new mapping file that correlates Adobe-Japan1-6 CIDs (aka glyphs) to Source Han ones, but only for the 6,879 characters in the JIS X 0208 standard. Because the Source Han Sans and Source Han Serif glyphs sets are different, they require separate columns in the mapping file. Also, for the 161 kanji in JIS X 0208 that have both JIS90 (aka JIS X 0208-1990) and JIS2004 (aka JIS X 0213:2004) forms, the CIDs that correspond to the JIS2004 forms are indicated, and those for the JIS90 forms are in brackets.

For those who were not aware, the “Release” branch of the Source Han Sans and Source Han Serif projects includes in a “Resources” directory a mapping file named “aj16-kanji.txt” that correlates CIDs for the 14,664 kanji in Adobe-Japan1-6 with Source Han Unicode-based working glyph names. Adobe-Japan1-6 includes 23,058 glyphs, meaning that this mapping file covers approximately two-thirds of the glyphs. Of the three primary JIS standards—JIS X 0208, JIS X 0212, and JIS X 0213—the Source Han fonts support only JIS X 0208 in its entirety. Glyphs for IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) or what can be construed as oddball Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters from those standards were intentionally excluded.

Hopefully a non-zero number of people will benefit from the mapping file that is made available here.


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