Internationalization & Unicode Conferences

I have attended every Internationalization & Unicode Conference (IUC) since IUC31 in 2007, and Adobe has been a continuous Gold Sponsor since IUC31. Unfortunately, duty calls, in the form of attending and hosting IRG #49 that takes place during the same week as IUC41, which means that I can neither attend nor present this year. Of course, Adobe continues to be a Gold Sponsor of this important event.

I have presented at all but three of those IUCs, and the table below provided the titles of my presentations that also serve as links to the actual presentation files (PDF):

Conference Year Presentation(s)
IUC31 2007 Ideographic Variation Sequences: Implementation Details
IUC32 2008 Ideographic Variation Sequences: Implementation Details & Demo (also a white paper) & Legacy Gaiji Solutions & SING (also a white paper)
IUC33 2009 Designing & Developing Pan-CJK Fonts for Today & The Design & Development of Fully Proportional Japanese Fonts
IUC34 2010 The Power of “Plain Text” & the Importance of Meaningful Content
IUC35 2011 Genuine Han Unification
IUC38 2014 Developing & Deploying The World’s First Open Source Pan-CJK Typeface Family & Building Source Han Sans & Noto Sans CJK
IUC39 2015 Pan-CJK Font Development Techniques, Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls

Of course, I have attended earlier IUCs, and also presented some of them. I may prepare a separate article to cover those presentations.

In closing, please be aware that I will be attending and presenting at the Face/Interface: Type Design and Human-Computer Interaction Beyond the Western World conference that takes place during the first two days of December at Stanford University in California. The title of my 20-minute presentation is Source Han Design & Development: Benefits, Challenges & Pitfalls. If the conference is of interest to you—which it should be if you’re reading this blog article—please consider attending.


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