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Adobe-KR-9 Second Draft

This article picks up where the 2017-10-01 article left off, and provides details about the second draft of the forthcoming Adobe-KR-9 character collection that was issued today.

The second draft of the Adobe-KR-9 character collection includes 22,612 glyphs (CIDs 0 through 22611) distributed among ten Supplements. When compared to the first draft, 35 glyphs were removed, ten glyphs were added, three Supplements were added, and the distribution of glyphs among some of the Supplements was changed. Because it is the second draft, the details are still subject to change—and most certainly will change, though I hope that the changes are minimal.
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Unicode IVD: Six Versions & Five Collections

The sixth version of the Unicode IVD (Ideographic Variation Database) was released today, and is named based on today’s date: 2017-12-12.

This new version of the IVD incorporates three PRIs, #349, #351, and #354, which resulted in the registration of a fifth IVD collection, KRName, and its 36 IVSes, along with additional IVSes for the registered Adobe-Japan1 and Moji_Joho IVD collections. Be sure to read Unicode’s official announcement, and consider following @IVD_Registrar on Twitter.

As the image below confirms, the road to ideographic hell is indeed paved with turtles and dragons.