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作者:Daniel “daan” Strebe (Senior Computer Scientist,Adobe Systems Incorporated) 原稿

  请欢迎 “Tin“, Adobe最新的开源项目。”Tin” 是一个用于处理基于SFNT 文件格式字库的C++类库。Tin源码可以实时快速地更新大量字库,并且仅依赖开源组件。(请注意:Tin既不是一个字形编辑器,也不是查找、安装或管理字库的程序或某种处理系统字库的服务)

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Create Your Own “招財進寳” Glyph

When the Spring Festival comes, Chinese people have many traditional customs to create a warm and festive atmosphere. One of these customs is to plaster a large ideograph “福” on the door, to wish good fortune and happiness throughout the New Year, and some businesses would like to plaster their rooms with a special character bao.png to wish plentiful money and treasures to come in the New Year. This glyph is composed of four characters that are “招財進寳”, “財” means money, and “寳”means treasures. Actually, this glyph is not a real or genuine hanzi, and no character set includes it, so we can not enter this glyph directly via standard fonts. Fortunately, SING (Smart INdependent Glyphlets) technology offers us a way to create and use this character. Please follow these DIY (Do It Yourself) instructions for this glyph.

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