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(この記事中の貂の写真はすべて Adobe Stock で見つけることができます)

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この記事の目的は、Typekit から提供される「明朝」(Ten Mincho) の書体とフォント開発について技術的詳細を説明することにあります。貂明朝は、これまでどんな日本語フォントも到達しなかった領域に足を踏み入れました。貂明朝の書体デザインについての詳細については、Typekit Blog 上の公式アナウンスメント (英語) の方をご覧ください。この長文の技術的な記事よりも、そちらの方に興味を持たれるかもしれません。公式アナウンスメントに述べられているように、この新しい Adobe Originals の和文書体にはユニークな特長が数多くあります。そのため、日本や各国の書体メーカー、タイプデザイナーの方々はこの書体からインスピレーションを受けられることでしょう。

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Ten Mincho: To Boldly Go Where No Font Has Gone Before

(All of the marten photos that are used in this article can be found on Adobe Stock)

日本語 (Japanese) はこちら

The purpose of this article is to provide technical details of how the Ten Mincho明朝 in Japanese—typeface and its fonts, which are initially being offered as a Typekit exclusive, were developed, and how they boldly go where no Japanese font has gone before. For more details about the Ten Mincho typeface design itself, which is probably much more interesting than this really long and technical article, I encourage you to read the official announcement (日本語) on the Typekit Blog. As stated in the official announcement, this new Adobe Originals Japanese typeface is unique in many ways, and should serve as inspiration for type foundries and typeface designers in Japan and elsewhere.

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Unicode Beyond-BMP Top Ten List—2017 Redux

Another three years have elapsed since I posted an update to the always-enjoyable Unicode Beyond-BMP Top Ten List, so I figured that an updated version—taking into account standardization developments that have occurred since then—was in order for the current year of 2017.



OpenType SVG Fonts in Creative Cloud Apps

Today’s article provides useful details for our relatively small number of customers who author documents with our flagship Creative Cloud apps and make use of CID-keyed OpenType SVG fonts. A rather broadly-deployed CID-keyed OpenType SVG typeface is the open source Source Han Code JP family, whose development details are described in the very first section of this article.

While it is fully possible to build OpenType fonts—CID-keyed or otherwise—that include an 'SVG ' (Scalable Vector Graphics) table, the infrastructure to support them in apps is still maturing. That is the purpose of this article, so please continue reading if the details interest or otherwise affect you.
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