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Unicode Beyond-BMP Top Ten List

I have presented this internally, at IUC34, and as part of my presentation at the most recent IMUG meeting. It is a Top Ten list of reasons why it is important to support code points beyond the BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane). Click here to view it. Enjoy!



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大概两个月前,与Ken Lunde谈及新出版的《文字をつくる 9人の書体デザイナー》,其中有介绍到Adobe 的西塚凉子,Ken告诉我去年在香港出版了类似题材的一本中文书《一字一生》,而且他正在预订中,恰巧有同事要去圣何塞出差,于是就托他帮我订了一本,就这样,书从香港到圣何塞再到北京,辗转到了手中。

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去年夏天,一组来自于清华(Tsinghua)和帕森(Parsons)设计学院的学生在北京街头拍摄,以一种创新的形式记录下城市青年人的文化,他们在街头寻找穿情侣T-Shirt的年轻人,摆成二十六个拉丁字母的姿势,并命名该”字体”为Beijing Sweat。

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Hello, World!

We are responsible for CCJK(Chinese, Japanese and Korean) Type Quality Engineering in Adobe. There is no doubt in our mind that font is an important element for applications and fonts tie with applications to show various type features. It’s complementary between fonts and applications. Therefore, we are also interested in all of popular DTP applications on top of type areas.
This blog will contain our thoughts about CCJK Type , DTP applications and Type-related knowledge. We’ll write blogs in English or Chinese, and we‘d like to translate some contents into Japanese or Korean .

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