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The results from a 7.5-year experiment are in: Unicode and OpenType are successes!

和文 中文
Dr. Ken Lunde
Approximately 7.5 years ago — at the end of 2002 — I commissioned the suite of Unicode CMap resources for Adobe-Japan1-x (it was Adobe-Japan1-5 at that time, and Adobe-Japan1-6 was finalized less than two years later), specifically for UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32.
When I built these new Unicode CMap resources, one of the reasons was to add support for JIS X 0213:2000, which includes over 4,000 additional characters. I also considered adding the appropriate character code to CID mappings to the existing Shift-JIS and EUC-JP CMap resources, but chose not to do so, because I felt that Unicode had matured to the point that supporting these legacy encodings was not required. I still built the necessary tab-delimited tables so that I could easily and quickly add these mappings in case we received any requests to do, or if doing so became a product requirement.

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Announcing the “CMap Resources” open source project

Thanks to requests from numerous open source developers over the years, along with Adobe’s own “Open Source Initiative,” all of Adobe’s CMap resources are now available under an open source license. See:

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